Amazon FBA Wholesale: It Is Not Mysterious

Posted 8 months ago by Matthew

“How do I finding wholesale products that I can make money on”

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Amazon FBA Wholesale: It Is Not Mysterious

“How do I finding wholesale products that I can make money on” seems like a question many people have on YouTube, facebook and other forums. Some people pay thousands of dollars for courses to learn the answer to this question. They buy courses like the Wholesale Formula or the Wholesale Academy.  All of that really is unnecessary. You don’t need to spend thousands on these courses. If you want to learn from a course there are several courses priced at less than $50 dollars on UDEMY that will teach you all you want to know about the wholesale business.

I read this on one of the message boards and this pretty much sums up the Amazon FBA wholesale concept:

  • Find product I want to sell
  • Find Source
  • Contact Source
  • Sell at a price that makes me a nice profit, allowing me to contact source and purchase again.

That’s literally all you need to know… and all that theses courses teach you.  The rest you can find free on YouTube.  If you watch closely you will see guys like Raiken Profit and watchmeamazon tell you everything in their free content.

The hardest part of wholesale is “finding a  source” since you might have to turn the box over to find the company name.

Exactly!  Just turn the box over of the item that you want to sell and make a phone call.  There really isn’t any “formula” or “academy” that will advance you further than this piece of knowledge.

You literally just need to start calling, make mistakes, learn from them, adjust and make more calls.

One thing people have a hard time understanding or grasping the sheer enormity of Amazon; that there are so many products selling well on Amazon. You don’t need to sell NIKE, Adidas or Lego to have a business. Check out one of my latest YouTube videos where I walk you though using software like Helium 10 to find amazing opportunities.

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