COURSE RELEASE – Book Flipping – Real opportunities for BIG profits.

Posted 8 months ago by Matthew

There are many opportunities in E-commerce. It is amazing to me all the ways YOU or I can make money in this space. With E-commerce we can pursue drop shipping, retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, wholesale reselling and flipping books. That is just covering a few ways you can capitalize on this ever-evolving marketplace.

I discovered and capitalized on many of these techniques over the last year. Each has their own positive aspects and drawbacks. I do want to speak of book flipping because I DO BELIEVE it is the most accessible and surest way to grow your income and capital so that you can evolve to a point where you are capitalizing on several other business opportunities online.

Book flipping is a great way to start selling on Amazon FBA because it probably requires the least amount of time to get started. After you learn the basic concepts of finding a proper book flip you can look for books and find excellent opportunities in as little as 15 minutes. After you find several prospects, you can also set price alerts to notify you when a deal is available. You essentially can have opportunities pushed to your cellphone or email without sitting at a computer for hours on end.

If you are a new seller you often will be restricted in certain items you can sell on Amazon. Because of this book flipping is also great since most books are open for you to sell online without restrictions. Also, as you sell more items on Amazon, the restrictions on other product categories and brands will be relaxed and you can make a choice to sell those items as well.

Books offer great margins and low risk of loss on investment. The book market on Amazon is gigantic. There are probably over 10 million books for sale. Most of those books will be unprofitable for you to flip, but there still will be countless books that are REAL opportunities for profit. Because the market is fragmented and huge there is great potential for profit. I explain much more in why you can derive a profit from books in the introduction of the course.

Check out the course. You will be amazed when you pick up a book flip for $25 and turn around and sell it for $60. When you repeatedly accomplish this, you will be hooked. I know I am.

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