Frequently Asked Questions

What is

The name FBAOP is a combination of two abbreviations: “FBA” which stands for Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA is a service that allows you to store your inventory at Amazon warehouses and Amazon will fulfill your orders for you when you make a sale) and “OP”  stands for “opportunities.” is a platform where one can find hundreds of opportunities to resell products on Amazon or other online marketplaces such as Ebay, Mercari, and Poshmark.  You can consider us a free OA leads list. Or perhaps consider us a place you can go to find the best shopping deals on the internet. We post new opportunities and deals throughout the day, every day.  Keep coming back to see what we find next!

We are a platform to educate you on how to make money in E-commerce. We plan on providing our users courses that will teach them our methods for finding the best deals on the internet as well as ways you can turn those deals in to pure profit through reselling.


Affiliate/Ad Disclosure

When you make a purchase from one of our links we may get paid a small commission (at no additional cost to you).  We use these funds to maintain the site and increase the quantity of opportunities that are published throughout each day so that you can make more money in your eCommerce business.   We currently publish approximately 10-20 opportunities daily. Our goal is to provide you 100’s of daily reselling opportunities within the next three months.  Through your purchases via the links on our site, and the resulting ad revenue we receive, you will help make it possible to reach that goal and beyond. We are thankful for your daily usage.

Why use

You can use to save time, money and improve your Amazon business. The website is intuitive, easy to use, free and shows you deals found from multiple sources allowing you to find additional products to flip for a profit. We hope we can help you  grow your Amazon selling business with the additional deals we find and post for you.

Who can use

Anyone can use the platform. While the platform was initially created to help people start making money reselling on Amazon it is available to everyone: newbies, part-timers and professionals.  It’s also great if you are just shopping around for personal items or gifts. We find amazing deals that are sometimes 90% off the original price.  We only publish deals from legitimate sources such as Walmart or Target.  When you click on a deal you are buying directly from a trusted source.

Why I should I use over other resources? finds unique highly profitable deals from a lot of different sources. We help you speed up the process of finding and purchasing the best opportunities you can find online. is free to setup an account.

I have a full time job. Can I still make money, working part-time, selling on Amazon?

Absolutely. Many Amazon sellers work at it part-time until they are profitable enough to take it on full-time. If this is the case for you, is perfect. All you need is a few minutes to browse the list of opportunities and pick the ones you like. If you are not ready to purchase the items just yet, you can save them and come back at any time to make your purchases.

Will I be able to sell any product that is listed on

Amazon can approve or disapprove sellers for certain categories. It depends on the standing of your seller account and the length of time you have been actively selling on The status can change daily. You may be gated in some categories today and ungated in them the next week. Before buying a product to resell confirm that you are allowed to sell it on Amazon.  You can confirm this within Amazon’s Seller Central website.

Does the profit box reflect my net profit?

The profit box reflects your gross profit or saving off regular prices. In order to calculate your net profit, you need to know your sellers fees and the cost of shipping to the FBA center. Those fees vary depending on your location and the volume of goods you ship. We encourage you to use the FBA calculator prior to placing any orders to know your net profit. You can access the FBA calculator here:


You can also access it in the “detail” page of any of our individual deals.


What Do The Labels Mean?

You may ask what really do the labels mean on each individual deal? Below is a short description of each.


Amazon Big Dip-Flip! – These are typically short term price drops on that you can buy at a great price or buy it with the expectation that the price will go back up on When that happens you can “Flip the Dip” for a big profit.


Amazon Keep-The-Big-Dip! – These are typically short term price drops on that you can buy at a gigantic discount for a very limited time.  These are meant to be posted as keepers or to be resold on other E-Commerce platforms.  Amazon will likely not allow you to resell these items on their site.


INSTORE – Products like only available for purchase in a physical store


CLEARANCE – Good opportunities, may be limited in availability as well as time to act. These will eventually sell out within a few days.


SPECIAL CLEARANCE – A better opportunity than “clearance,” and you will really want to analyze these opportunities for resale or purchase for personal consumption.  These will also be limited in availability as well as time to act. These will eventually sell out within a few days.


OFF AMAZON RESALE – These are huge discounts that you likely won’t be able to resell on  They could be brand restricted, category restricted, or be only sold by the company who owns the brand.  There could be other reasons that make this a hard sell on But it still is a great deal and perhaps you can resell the item on other E-commerce platforms such as Mercari, Poshmark or Ebay.


Price Will Shake – Potentially a high demand item where the resale price on Amazon will move up and down frequently due to supply constraints.