How To Find $20,000 In Savings For Online Arbitrage Amazon FBA And Resale

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I wanted to start this video with a short introduction to why I am on the verge of internet celebrity. It’s because I am ready to share with you how to turn an extra tidy sum of $20,000 in profit from Amazon FBA online arbitrage. Now I’m pretty much anonymous when it comes to my net worth and financial situation (I mean who knows who is reading this blog). This can seem like a crazy and exciting concept to people who have no idea what is going on. For a while I struggled to figure out what to do with this knowledge but I finally feel like I am in a place where I am mentally, financially and physically prepared to put it to use and share it with the world.

Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage

I hope you enjoy this. If you are thinking about trying this Amazon Marketplace idea out or already have you can use the info from this video to further cut costs and increase your profit margin. Make sure to watch to the very end. I only did so because it was so funny and informational. In order to help support this series it would be great if you could share this video. Thanks!

Rebate sites

Resale sites are amazing ways to get checks in the mail for thousands of dollars. It is important to know that these are not endorsed by Amazon (or Amazon FBA) nor do I get anything from them or any of these companies. I give them free referrals for two reasons. First, you can trust a fellow vlogger with your hard earned dollars and secondly, I only use these links for my benefit, they are never sold to me. What’s The Cost? Zero. You have to buy items online and be signed up for their program. That’s it in a nutshell.

Gift Card Resale Sites

In order to keep this video short(ish) I included some of the most popular sites to give you a good foundation for the information I will be covering. Just a great list of sites for you to try. Gift Card resale sites:,,,,,, Check with your favorite gift card resale site for the current best codes. Gift card reseller sites:,,,,,,, Pay with CashBack (from Google and Safeway) Amazon/Gift Cards:, Gift Cards,,,,,,, Cashback Partners, zing. To name a few. LOL.

Promo Codes

These can be big savings. You will want to follow my instructions from the video to maximize your savings and minimize the email clutter. Just check out the video!

Cashback Credit Cards

These can feel like you are really pinching pennies as most give around 1% back. But if you plan to flip a large amount of product on Amazon FBA those pennies can really ad up. I have saved thousands annually using these cards and you can to.


If you are ready to cut some spending and be a little more entrepreneur yourself, here is a link to my video so you can get more details. Enjoy!

Save $20,000 Annually

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